Can periodontitis also occur during adolescence?

30 Nov 2022 | Pathologies

La periodontitisinflammatory gum disease which, if left untreated, can even lead to tooth loss-is not exclusive to adults: adolescents and teenage girls are indeed particularly at risk Of going into this pathology.

There are several causes: especially in girls, the hormonal changes of adolescence as increased hormone levels cause a Increased blood circulation, including at the gingival level.

This, in turn, can increase the sensitivity of the gums Turning them red and inflamed.

Other causes are to be found in the Lifestyle typical of adolescence:

👉 it is at this time that many boys or girls begin to smoking, and tobacco is a significant risk factor for periodontal disease
👉 adolescents spend more time outside the home and, as a consequence, oral hygiene becomes less constant
👉 the parents have Less control over what their children eat And increases consumption of sugary snacks or carbonated soft drinks

La Periodontitis can be avoided with effective oral hygiene and also with regular checkups at the dentist, also essential during adolescence!

[Medical Director: Dr. Mauro Savio, Member of the Dentists Register Provincial Order of Surgeons and Dentists of Milan n. 4168].

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