The study

D1 was founded in 1985: since then we take care of our patients with competence and passionalways putting their well-being first and committing ourselves to continually improve to ensure high quality standards.

Our dentists take part in regular refresher courses to be able to apply advances in the field of dentistry to the benefit of those who choose usSimilarly, in our studio we use cutting-edge technologies and innovative techniques.

Our spaces

Our studio is divided into several spaces: 

  • a reception desk
  • a large waiting room
  • 7 operating rooms (soon to be 10)
  • a sterilization room
  • a digital panoramic and 3D CT scan room
  • restrooms

This arrangement allows us to see several patients at a time safely and without queuing, waiting or sharing space common.

The common areas are cleaned, sanitized and ventilated daily, while the operations rooms are sanitized even between patients.

The best professionals

Dentists, orthodontists, orthognathic specialists, implantologists, maxillofacial surgeons, dental hygienists, pediatric dentists: our medical team consists of several specialists with years of experience in all branches of dentistry who can take care of any oral problem.

La Collaboration between specialists allows us to offer patients interdisciplinary and personalized treatment plans.planning treatments that take into account all those factors that can determine their success.

Our additional services

In order to meet the diverse needs of our patients, we offer a range of additional services.

Courtesy car

Those who have motor difficulties or for other reasons are unable to reach our studio can request this service completely free of charge when making an appointment: one of our representatives will come directly to your home before the visit and will bring you back once the session is over.

Deferment of payment

We give you the possibility to pay for various treatments and care plans in instalments, up to € 5,000 in 12 months and without interest (longer financing plans for higher amounts with extremely low interest rates are also available).


We have stipulated conventions with the main health funds that offer direct or indirect insurance coverage for their members.

Discover all the conventions available to you

Our technologies

Our studio is equipped with cutting-edge tools and technologies to ensure that our patients precise and safe treatments.

SomnoDent® device for sleep apnea

SomnoDent® device for sleep apnea

L'apnea ostruttiva del sonno (OSA) è una condizione in cui la respirazione si interrompe involontariamente per brevi periodi di tempo durante il sonno; ciò è normalmente dovuto al restringimento delle vie aeree nella parte posteriore della gola. L'apnea notturna è una...

3D digital CT scan

3D digital CT scan

The 3D dental CT scan allows to obtain three-dimensional images of the teeth, jaw bones, soft tissues and the trajectory of the nerves of a patient, thus allowing the dentist to make a complete radiological study and plan any treatments or interventions.

Digital panoramic radiography

Digital panoramic radiography

The digital panoramic X-ray is a 2-dimensional X-ray capable of showing the patient's bone structure allowing the dentist to quickly and accurately locate anything that cannot be located by visual exploration alone.

Whitening lamp

Whitening lamp

The whitening lamp is a special type of cold light lamp, used during professional teeth whitening sessions, to change the color of the teeth making it whiter and brighter.

Intraoral camera

Intraoral camera

An intraoral camera is a small digital camera (slightly larger than a common ballpoint pen) that allows you to capture images of areas of the oral cavity that are difficult to access.

Operating stereoscopic microscope

Operating stereoscopic microscope

A stereoscopic microscope is a microscope that provides the right and left eye with two different images and greatly improves the quality of performance, such as microsurgery and endoscopy.



When the use of disposable materials is not possible (for example in the case of equipment) we put into practice a rigorous sterilization process with Europa B Evo Tecno Gaz, an autoclave of the latest generation able to sterilize all materials.

Where we are

Our studio is located in Paderno Dugnano, in Via Giuseppe Pogliani 32, and is within walking distance from the city centre in a few minutes.

Should you use your car, there is free parking outside the studio and large areas where you can park for free are also available in the immediate vicinity.

The studio is also only 500 metres away from Paderno Dugnano train station.

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