COVID-19 Security

The COVID-19 crisis has made several indispensable health measures for prevention and controlThese measures must be applied and respected even more rigorously in dental surgeries, where health professionals and patients are in close proximity during the examination (the time during which the patient cannot wear the mask).

For minimize the risk of spreadingof the COVID-19, the practice staff and patients are required to follow a strict protocol that aims at security and everyone's peace of mind.

In our practice, the medical staff:

  • wear all personal protective equipmentnecessary (gloves, gowns, masks and, if the situation requires it, face shield)
  • sanitizes all operating room surfaces between patients, ensuring adequate ventilation in the room.
  • uses the double suction when treatments generating aerosols are carried out
  • employ disposable material for each patient or, when that is not possible, previously sterilised material completely safely

Patients treated at our practice, on the other hand, are required:

  • by do not come to the office without an appointmentTo book a visit, simply call us on the toll-free number 800 176-606 or fill in the form below. on this page
  • by Please come to the appointment wearing a mask. (in case of not having one, it will be provided at the entrance); the mask must be worn at all times except for the duration of the session once you are seated in the dentist's chair or for any CT and/or panoramic scans
  • by arrive on time (neither early nor late) to avoid waiting in the waiting room
  • by use the hydroalcoholic hand gel made available in the studio both on arrival and departure
  • by bring only the bare essentials to the appointment avoiding backpacks, jewelry, purses, etc.
  • by going to the studio aloneIn case a escort, the latter will be asked to wait outside during the duration of the session
  • by maintain a safe distance (ideally two metres) from other patients in the waiting room. 
  • if possible, to prefer electronic payments (credit card, debit card, smartphone, etc.) to the use of paper money (vehicle of contagion)

In addition to the measures just listed, in our study:

  • we measure everyone who enters the facility (staff, medical team, patients, providers, etc.) body temperature through a contactless infrared thermometer
  • we frequently sanitize all common parts of the practice (bathrooms, corridors, waiting room)
  • we have removed all unnecessary materials from the waiting room... (games, magazines)
  • we installed a plexiglass screen in reception that separates the patient from the staff without impeding eye contact and the ability to communicate clearly and efficiently

The dentists' officeseven before the COVID-19 emergency, have always been places with very high safety standardsDentists have always been used to manage the risk of possible biological contamination caused by contact with patients' blood and saliva.

That's why Strict safety measures have always been applied in dental practices.measures that, with the health crisis, have been strengthened and modified to take account of the mode of transmission of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19). .

That's why going to the dentist is safe even during the pandemic emergencyand it is important not to postpone or neglect check-ups or treatments which, if put off for too long, can have a very negative impact on oral health.

We would like to thank all patients for theirlaboration in implementing these safety measures, which are critical to minimizing the risk of spreading SARS-CoV-2.

If you have any doubts or questions about our anti-COVID-19 protocol, contact usWe will answer all your questions.

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