Operating stereoscopic microscope

by | Apr 13, 2021

A stereoscopic microscope is a microscope which provides the right and left eye with two different images (whereas the traditional microscope returns the same image to both eyes).

The fields of application of an operating stereoscopic microscope are manifold, as are the advantages of its clinical use. In fact, the microscope allows the doctor to:

  • pinpoint theextension of the pathological process the presence of any anatomical anomalies
  • to intervene selectively by carrying out a more conservative approach on fabrics
  • work with increased safety in areas at risk for the proximity of delicate anatomical structures avoiding later complications
  • check manual dexterity in order to avoid procedural errors and reduce margins of failure

The microscope is also equipped with an illumination system that allows to improve the visibility of details of the operating fieldcanceling out the shadows.

In our studio we use the Möller-Wedel stereo operating microscope, a state-of-the-art instrument which significantly improves the quality of services, such as microsurgery and endoscopy.

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