3D digital CT scan

by | Apr 9, 2021

What is 3D dental CT scan?

The CT scan (Axial Computed Tomography) 3D dental is an innovative technique that is used to Obtain three-dimensional images of teeth, jaw bones, soft tissues, and the trajectory of nerves Of a patient.

It differs from panoramic radiography (also known as orthopantomography or orthopantomogram) because the latter returns images in 2 dimensions, not 3 dimensions like 3D CT.

La 3D dental CT scan is an extremely important diagnostic tool because it allows the dentist to make a Comprehensive radiological study of the patient's mouth, giving him the opportunity to plan any intervention very precisely before implementing it.

3D dental CT scan, in fact, is used especially For:

  • oral surgery: When an extraction needs to be performed (wisdom teeth, cysts, tumors, etc.), the dentist can assess the exact location and Plan the operation down to the smallest detail and with the utmost precision
  • periodontology: In the case of some surgeries, it is first necessary to ensure that the patient has sufficient bone
  • implantology: thanks to 3D CT, it is possible to Study the patient's bone structure minutely To determine the exact location where the plant will be placed

What are the advantages of 3D dental CT scan?

This diagnostic tool Emits much less radiation than a conventional CT scan, and can be accomplished in much less time.

The 3D CT scan result is immediate, so that the dentist can immediately evaluate the acquired images; identify any problematic pathologies turns out to be much simpler since 3D CT scan accurately reports Through different color scales the affected areas.

In our dental office for 3D dental CT scans we use the Rayscan Alpha scanner.

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