Professional teeth whitening

Lo professional teeth whitening is part of the cosmetic dentistry and is an extremely popular practice because it allows recover the natural whiteness of teeth that remain exposed when you smile (upper and lower incisors and canines).

Teeth are subject to the action of time and the effects of passing foods characterized by a Dark pigmentation that may remain on the teeth in the long term: coffee, tea, chocolate, red wine, licorice, and drinks and foods that contain dyes and cause substances to be deposited on the tooth surface with a patina ranging from yellow, grey, brown to black.

Other substances that lead to the deterioration of tooth color are the antibiotics which contain so-called tetracyclines, mouthwashes with chlorhexidine if used over a long period of time and, above all, the cigarette smoke.

Lo professional teeth whitening is performed at the chairside: the degree of whitening is first agreed upon with the dentist so that we can aim at a Satisfactory color and as close to natural color as possible.

The substance that can whiten teeth is the hydrogen peroxide which is activated through the light of a LED lamp: A professional teeth whitening session can take 40 to 60 minutes.

Alternatively, teeth whitening can also be performed at home under the supervision of a dentist through silicone masks that must be applied directly to the teethThe whitening times and the result are different from those obtained with the whitening done in the studio.

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