How does celiac disease manifest itself in the oral cavity?

5 Nov 2022 | Pathologies

Le manifestations of celiac disease (gluten intolerance) can go beyond classic gastrointestinal problems, affecting any organ or body system.

The manifestations of the disease also include some dental enamel defects: For some people with celiac disease, in fact, a visit to the dentist was the first step in discovering that we were intolerant gluten.

Not all tooth enamel defects are caused by celiac disease, although the problem is quite common among people with the condition and particularly among children; dental enamel problems resulting from celiac disease Involve the permanent dentition and include:

🔴 fading teeth

🔴 white spots, yellow or brown on the teeth

🔴 poor enamel formation

🔴 appearance mottled or translucent teeth

The imperfections are symmetrical and often appear on the incisors and molars; these are permanent defects which, unfortunately, do not improve after adopting a gluten-free diet.

However, dentists can use Bonding, veneers, and other aesthetic solutions to cover enamel defects dental in older children and adults.

[Medical Director: Dr. Mauro Savio, Member of the Dentists Register Provincial Order of Surgeons and Dentists of Milan n. 4168].

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