Transparent orthodontics

One of the most discouraging reasons for adult patients considering whether or not to undergo orthodontic treatment is the aesthetic factor: For many people, having to spend months or years in the company of brackets (fixed braces) is a deterrent to not treating malocclusions that should not be underestimated.

In our practice, we use Invisalign® transparent splints.

Thanks to thetransparent orthodontics you can undergo orthodontic treatment and thus straighten teeth by improving the smile, chewing and speech without anyone noticing, through the Invisalign® transparent removable splints.

These masks are tailored to the patient and are replaced approximately every 2 weeks. until the desired effect is achieved; clear orthodontics is the preferred solution for most patients because:

  • è inaudible
  • the masks are very convenient and you take them out to eat and to brush your teeth...
  • Yes avoid the classic annoying chafing that the fixed appliance may involve

Transparent orthodontics can correct most malocclusions; The duration of the treatment depends on the complexity of the situation to be treated, which makes it possible to divide treatments with Invisalign® splints into 3 categories:

  • Goalignment of the front teeth (duration 6/8 months)
  • Litecases of medium complexity (duration 12/18 months)
  • Comprehensivecomplex cases (duration 24 months)

Each treatment also includes the Vivera retention mask set®, transparent masks to be worn only at night after the treatment with Invisalign to maintain the results obtained over time.

To find out which treatment you need, you should visit your local doctor.i the orthodontist will assess the condition of the oral cavity and teeth in order to establish the treatment plan best suited for each specific case.

With Invisalign® treatment, instead of the traditional impression (made with a mould and bite-paste), the Invisalign® impression is used. iTero infrared intraoral scanner® by which the dental impression is made in a completely digital way.

This footprint mode has several advantages:

  • is very more precise of the traditional footprint
  • does not involve the typical annoyances of the impression (feeling of vomiting, bad taste of the dough, etc.)
  • greater hygiene
  • weather to take the dental impression extremely low

Thanks to a specific software, moreover, the patient is able to visualize the movements of his teeth during the treatment, thus being able to to have a precise idea of the final result even before starting.

Dental1 is a Diamond Provider of Invisalign®.

Invisalign® Diamond Provider is the highest level that can be assigned to an orthodontist dealing with Invisalign treatments.

To obtain the Diamond Provider status An orthodontist must have treated 280 to 399 Invisalign® patients per year.

Being a Diamond Provider gives our patients the assurance of the highest level of experience in Invisalign® treatment.

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