Retention masks (retainers) after orthodontic treatment: what are they for?

22 Mar 2023 | Treatments

Because when we finish a orthodontic treatment (traditional or with the transparent aligners) it is essential to continue wearing the restraint masks (or retainers)?

In the months following the removal of braces, teeth tend to return to their old position: the retainer masks-usually worn only at night-. manage to prevent this reversal.

In addition, the retainer stabilizes the bite, because once braces are removed, the soft tissue and bone around the teeth need time to adapt to changes made to the placement of the teeth!

Le Retention masks are therefore a fundamental part of orthodontic treatment, which should definitely not be underestimated in order to maintain the smile obtained through braces!

[Medical Director: Dr. Mauro Savio, Member of the Dentists Register Provincial Order of Surgeons and Dentists of Milan n. 4168].

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